the constant - the disconnect

hi my name is jack. i like poetry and art and sad lyrics and hardcore and comics. i dislike capitalism and gender roles and ignorance. this blog is a combination of those things

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Dance Gavin Dance- Pussy Vultures

This is a B side of Acceptance Speech that wasn’t released. This would have been one of the best songs on the album. Why the hell wasnt this released

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Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off


Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off

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Dead Kennedys - "Holiday in Cambodia"

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Valrico, FL

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If you don’t like Bob’s burgers I don’t understand you

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Zane’s Macchiato Special

One shot of espresso
And maybe my hands will stop trembling
Another, with an ounce of steamed milk,
And maybe my mind will cease it’s endless orbit

Because my computer is in a satellite,
Spinning rapidly out of discipline’s restraint
Around a world that desperately needs it to be brought home to mission control

Because my earth is always quaking.
A typhoon of milky brew dripping gently over the edge of every tiny porcelain container. And the man upstairs is always watching so I need to keep it all together
Where are you computer?

So maybe if I drink one shot of espresso and drown myself in the river of caffeine, I can keep the tectonic plates from shifting too far apart.
And if I drink one more, with an ounce of steamed milk, then maybe I can bring the computer home to Houston without burning up in orbit

Because in space no one can hear you scream